Monday, May 21, 2012

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BIRDS - I have always been at peace when in the outdoors, whether by a lake, the ocean or even in the deep woods. A part of those special places is the spectacular birds that can always be found. I guess this is where my love of birds come from.

All profits from the sales of the Bird Images at get donated to various Bird Rescue Shelters and Bird Sanctuaries within British Columbia and Washington.

ANIMALS - Like the birds above, animals also played a large part of my life growing up. Whether, Wild or Domesticated, Animals, Reptiles, Insects, Fish, or some 'critter' I had to sneak into the house, my love for for them makes me want to photograph them whenever I have the chance.

FLORA - I started shooting flowers and plants in 2010. Although it is a natural extension to my nature themes, it is in fact a forced project to do tabletop studio photography and the study of lighting. I have since come to love doing this type of photography.

LANDSCAPES - When out and about traveling you come across these beautiful expansive scenes filled with incredible light. I try to capture these so that they can be shown as I saw the scene the moment I photographed them. This can be technically very challenging, but often worth the effort.

PEOPLE - My original passion as a photographer was dealing, conversing and interacting with people. On the street or in a studio, photographing people is always a challenging but rewarding experience.

MISC. - If I cannot categorise images into any of the above galleries, they go here.

MUSE AS ART - (Note: Contains Nudity) An on-going project that will be several years in the making and will consist of nine large images representing the 'Nine Muses'.