Muse As Art

Since a very young age I have imagined scenes and images that have captivated and overwhelmed me; with disciplined and guided attenuation I have learned to turn these scenes into a reality through photography.

"The Exhibit" - Large two sided image gallery installation piece. The back side of this image is of
the same scene
but taken from the direction in which we are looking. The image below of
the egg was on the floor under the open
space hanging image where it had landed from being
carried by the wind.

For centuries the nine muses have inspired writers, poets and artists. “The Exhibition” is for me, the first image in what is the beginning of a long journey documenting my artistic exploration of self and the world around me through the nine muses, Calliope the Poet, Clio the Historian, Erato the Poet of Love, Euterpe the Singer, the Tragic Melpomene, the Veiled Polyhymnia, Terpsichore the Dancer, Thalia the Comedian and Urania the Astronomist.

"Muse as Art” is the photographic exploration of the nine muses in which the proverbial Muse will be the “Art” rather than the spark or inspiration of the artists. The Muses have been my inspiration for over 40 years and this is a Tribute to them and to the wonderful women that inspire children, friends, family, lovers and artists.

Please come walk with me at where this journey will be documented by fellow photographers, assistants as well as myself; in hopes that we will also inspire you.

Click on 'The Exhibit' or the 'Egg' to enter "Muse As Art". Again, please note this site contains nudity.

The egg pays a role in the Muses and Greek and Roman Mythology and
signifies the Birth or the Creation of the world. The Egg in 'Muse as Art'
signifies the Start of this Journey and thus the Egg will appear in all
nine images.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” – Mark Twain

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